“The reality in which we live is determined by unreality which we believe to be real because it is rational.”

Otto Rank (“Beyond Psychology”)

“In the physical sciences, advance often comes through paradigms that build upon and then replace one another. The measurable value of these paradigms lies in their predictive capacity for material processes and events. In the social sciences, however, and often also in philosophy and religion, separate paradigms often tend to debunk or negate one another rather than build upon them. So today, the once great Sigmund Freud is largely negated by contemporary psychologists, often without reading his work. Freud’s disciple Otto Rank, on the contrary, built upon what was solid in Freud and created a paradigm of human behavior that expanded Freud’s insight, negating only that within Freud’s activity which could be shown to be in error. In this, Rank’s insights relative to Freud’s work are analogous to Einstein’s insights relative to Newton’s work; that is, they build rather than negate. This, I believe, is the key to advancement in any field of endeavor.”  (dkreikneros)